Irsee Training Institute

The Bildungswerk des Bayerischen Bezirketags is the central further training institute of the Bavarian District Assembly, which offers vocational education conferences, seminars and workshops to persons involved in administrative departments, hospitals and ambulatory services of all Bavarian districts as well as members of other professional nursing, medical and therapeutic groups.

Irsee Swabian Academy

The Irsee Swabian Academy is an institution of the district of Swabia and of the Swabian Popular Education Association for the Promotion of Education and Art, Science and Research. Its educational mandate covers all cultural areas, while the cultural identity of the district of Swabia is given particular attention.


From to 2013 to 2015, the music festival Tonspuren. Musik entdecken iin Irsee - commissioned by the district of Swabia - offered innovative and unconventional aesthetic and pedagogical approaches to experiencing music with all the senses. The artists head of the premiere year was composer and clarinettist Claudio Puntin. Traces were sought and tracks were laid and left behind in the following year by bassist and cellist Henning Sieverts and in 2015 by guitarist Marc Sinan, who were each entrusted with the artistic management of a completely innovative music event at Irsee Monastery. With the distinctions “Kinder zum Olymp” and the “Junge Ohren Award”, the festival received high professional recognition.

Swabian Art Summer

The Swabian Art Summer is an event of the Irsee Swabian Academy. The master classes of renowned artists during the one-week summer academy "Kunst leben" give artists as well as highly qualified lay persons of various genres the opportunity to pursue intensive work in small groups.

Irseer Pegasus

Since 1999, authors have met at the start of January every year at the author meetup Irseer Pegasus. For three days they discuss the texts they have submitted and they award the literature award of the same name among each other.

Irsee Art History Forum Irsee

The Irsee Art History Forum founded in 2012, conceives spring academies each year. In the next few years, these conferences will be devoted to the field of research “artists and society”.

Research conference

Every two years, the Bildungswerk Irsee holds the Research Conference of the Specialist Clinics of the Bavarian Districts, which presents application-orientated research in psychiatry and neurology. The topics come from all areas of psychiatry relevant to the care of mentally ill people and selected areas of neurological care.

Market town of Irsee

In the market town of Irsee with its hamlets Oggenried, Wielen, Eiberg, Haslach, Bickenried and Alm, approximately 1,350 inhabitants live in partnership-like cooperation with today’s Irsee Monastery quarter.

Administrative district of East Allgäu

With its 45 municipalities, the administrative district of East Allgäu has a diverse and strongly developed economic structure and offers a remarkably lively cultural life between Füssen and Buchloe. Each year, more than three million guests from around the world visit this unique landscape, "where castles grow on the mountains".

Region of Swabia

The state parliament of the Region of Swabia is the owner of the Irsee Monastery Swabian Conference-, Educational- and Cultural Centre. It is a partner in social welfare, work with the disabled, cultural life, home care and in many other task fields at municipal level.