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Team meetings and informal meetings | R 113


This room, which – like all the group rooms – possesses its own character, is suitable for work in small groups, informal meetings with a small number of persons and also for team meetings.

Optimal room use is made possible by special plaster, which replaces the screen. In addition to a sophisticated stucco ceiling, the room is decorated by three works by Irsee artist Peter Zeiler – the St. Stephen’s Church in the upper village in Irsee, the Irsee Abbey complex and the nearby Bickenried estate. All the etchings were completed in 2013.


Room no.: 113
Height: 3.9 m
Length: 7.2 m
Width: 5.7 m
Surface area: 42 qm
Capacity: max. 15 people
Location: 1st floor / east